"Retirement" Or WHAT NEXT™
"Retirement" Or WHAT NEXT™

1466 South Milwaukee Street
Denver, CO 80210

Phone & Fax:
240-432-4080 (Ruth Neubauer)
240-893-2410 (Karen Van Allen)

We owe it to ourselves to chart a vision for what comes next!

In transition you may not know "what next". Our programs are designed to help you navigate this time of transition:

* make changes in your life
* define your particular retirement or transition path
* empower you to create new ideas and possibilities
* give you confidence to cope and embrace what life brings

WHY "Retirement" or WHAT NEXT™?
A unique process; a nurturing environment

We have developed a comprehensive and systematic "work-through" process:

* activities directly and effectively address the issues typically facing woman over 50 in transition
* limited group size allows for optimal level of interaction
* a safe, experiential, confidential, supportive environment
* a community of women facing similar choices and challenges

Caring, present, grounded, expert facilitators

For more than 10 years, Ruth Neubauer and Karen Van Allen have applied their expertise in helping hundreds of women with their transition issues.

Ruth and Karen have co-authored several articles on the topic of women and transition. Their work has been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles.

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